Dog Training In Watsonville

There are many options for dog training in Watsonville. You can locate a wide range of in-person classes, one-on-one trainers, and even online classes to consider.

A dog training program provides a wide range of benefits for dogs and humans alike. Signing up for dog training is an excellent approach to socialize your dog while learning fundamental obedience commands.

If you’re in need of dog training in Watsonville, check out our list:

Reasons To Take Dog Training Classes

It’s common for dogs to develop undesired behaviors, and dog training can help to correct these issues. Common issues include:

  • Running away
  • High anxiety
  • Counter surfing
  • Nipping and mouthing
  • Jumping on people
  • Pulling on leash
  • Aggressive behaviors
  • Abnormal licking

Types of Dog Training

There are a number of types of dog training available in Watsonville. Choosing the right type depends on the age of the dog and the individual needs of your dog.

Obedience Classes

The most common type of training is dog obedience training. Not only will obedience training make things easier as a pet owner, but it will also make your dog more confident and happier. Nearly all courses teach basic commands and tricks such as “sit”, “stay”, “come”, and “down”. Training is often conducted at a training location but many choose to do obedience classes in an online format.

Puppy Training Classes

It’s great to enroll your dog in dog training while they are still young puppies. Puppy classes help socialize your puppy with humans and dogs, as well as unfamiliar environments. Most puppy will consist of fundamental obedience training such as come when called, sit, and stay and work on house training.

In Home Dog Training

In-home or at-home dog training is convenient for dog owners that wish to train their dog but cannot attend in-person. In home classes also lets trainers to structure the classes based on specific requirements of the dog and owner.

Agility Training Classes

Agility training is a type of dog sport which focuses on teaching dogs to navigate a course quickly and efficiently. Agility training helps keep your dog mentally active and stimulated while building a strong bond with your dog.

Service Dog Classes

Service dog training is a type of dog training that trains dogs to perform services that assist disabled individuals. Trained service dogs can do many different tasks, including providing help for someone who is blind, or assisting someone use their wheelchair. Most dog trainers that offer service dog training are highly specialized and they typically only provide therapy dog training and service dog classes.

Behavioral Classes

Behavioral modification training seeks to address certain behavioral issues a dog may have. Behavioral modification can provide help for dogs that have aggression, high levels of anxiety, or socialization problems.

Group Training Classes

A group class is a great way for working with your dog in a fun setting around other dogs. Classes are typically organized at a public place like dog parks or pet stores.

Obedience Trial Training

Obedience Trials are a sport where dogs must perform obedience tasks based on your commands. Obedience trials are usually held by dog organizations such as the AKC, and a judge oversees the performance. There are three types – Novice, Open, and Utility. Trials begin at the novice level, and are organized to ease in you and your dog to obedience trials. Open trials are more complex compared to novice obedience trials and require the dog to perform more difficult tasks. Utility trials are the most challenging, and evaluate the dog’s ability to complete a large number of skills.

Clicker Classes

Clicker training is a type of operant conditioning where your dog associates a clicking sound with a toy or treat or some type of positive reinforcement. It is simple to learn and it can be used to train dogs of all ages.

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