Dog Training In Colton

The city of Colton is home to a wide range of dog training programs and facilities. From dog obedience training to beahvioral modification training, there are training programs for every dog.

There are many studies that show dog training is helpful for both you and your dog. Signing up for a dog training program is a fantastic way for socializing your dog while learning basic obedience commands.

Below is a list of the best dog training services located in Colton.

Why Take Dog Training Classes?

Dogs can develop many different types of undesired behaviors, and dog training classes can help with correcting these problems. Common behavioral issues include:

  • Destructiveness
  • Abnormal chewing
  • Running away
  • Needless barking
  • Not coming when called
  • Jumping up on people
  • Potty training
  • Snatching food

Dog Training Options

Below are the most common dog training options in Colton. Picking the ideal type depends on the age of your dog and the specific needs of your dog.

Puppy Classes

It is ideal to start training your dog while they are still puppies. They help get your puppy comfortable with other humans and puppies, and non-familiar environments. Most puppy will cover fundamental obedience commands such as stay, sit, and come when called and address puppy potty training.

Basic Obedience Training Classes

Obedience classes should be the foundation of any dog training program. Not only will dog obedience training make your dog learn basic commands and manners, but it can also keep your dog under control. You will teach your dog common commands including but not limited to sit, stay, come, and down Training is often conducted at a dog training facility but many owners choose to do obedience training using videos.

Agility Classes

Agility dog training is a type of dog sport which teaches dogs to quickly navigate an obstacle course with efficiency. Agility training is a great way for keeping your dog active and mentally stimulated while connecting with your dog.

Board & Train

Board and training requires having your dog live with the trainer for a specific period of time, usually two to four weeks. Your trainer will focus on obedience training and other desired behaviors throughout this time. Once your dog has completed training, it is important to continue practicing behaviors that your trainer focused on.

In-Home Dog Classes

In-home or at-home dog training is ideal for dog owners who wish to train their dogs but are not able to attend in-person. Dog owners can select the type of skills learned during classes.

Tracking Classes

Tracking is a way of training dogs to follow a scent. This skill is helpful for search and rescue applications, and for tracking game. Groups like the AKC organize tracking competitions for different dog breeds, making tracking an exciting and fun hobby for humans and dogs alike.

Protection Classes

Protection training is a method of dog training which focuses on protecting you and your family. Training may be helpful for dog owners that reside in areas with high crime levels or are worried about their own security.

Clicker Classes

Clicker training is a popular positive reinforcement tactic. A clicker produces a noise at an exact time to indicate desired behavior. Clicker training can be used for training dogs for a wide range of tasks, such as tricks training, obedience, and agility.

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