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Discover the best dog trainers in Pasadena, California, who are dedicated to making tails wag and creating stronger bonds between dogs and their owners. From experienced trainers focusing on positive reinforcement techniques to caring facilities offering personalized care, these professionals are committed to providing exceptional services. Whether your furry friend needs basic obedience training, specialized behavior modification, or socialization opportunities, you’ll find the perfect fit among our top choices. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the best dog trainers in Pasadena, where happiness and tail-wagging abound. Your four-legged companion will thank you for the enriching experience that awaits them!

Best Dog Trainers in Pasadena

My Pet Garden

  • Address: 2245 E Colorado Blvd #106, Pasadena, CA 91107
  • Phone: (626) 449-1600
  • Website:

My Pet Garden is a holistic pet care center that goes beyond traditional dog training. With a passion for fostering a strong human-canine bond, they offer a variety of training programs to cater to each dog’s individual needs. From basic obedience to advanced behavior modification, their experienced trainers focus on positive reinforcement techniques. Beyond training, My Pet Garden also provides grooming, nutrition guidance, and holistic care services. Their commitment to the overall well-being of pets and their dedication to positive training methods make them a top choice for responsible pet owners who seek a comprehensive approach to their dog’s training and care.

The Bowhaus Pet Company

  • Address: 2472 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107
  • Phone: (626) 229-9835
  • Website:

The Bowhaus Pet Company is more than just a dog training facility; it’s a dog lover’s paradise. With their passion for providing exceptional care and training, they create a welcoming and safe environment for dogs and their owners. The Bowhaus Pet Company offers various training programs that cater to all breeds and ages, from puppies to seniors. Their certified trainers focus on positive reinforcement and reward-based techniques to create a fun and effective learning experience for dogs. Apart from training, they also offer daycare and boarding services, allowing dogs to socialize and play in a supervised and secure setting. The Bowhaus Pet Company’s commitment to quality care, training, and personalized attention makes them a standout choice for pet owners seeking a well-rounded experience for their furry companions.

Wigglewag Training & Dog Care Services

  • Address: 270 E Claremont St, Pasadena, CA 91104
  • Phone: (626) 376-0608
  • Website:

Wigglewag Training & Dog Care Services is a go-to destination for dog owners looking for expert training and personalized care. Their experienced trainers focus on positive reinforcement and gentle methods to build trust and confidence in dogs. From basic obedience to advanced tricks and agility training, Wigglewag offers a diverse range of training options to meet the unique needs of each dog. Their facility also provides daycare and boarding services, where dogs can play and socialize in a fun and supervised environment. At Wigglewag, they understand that each dog is different and requires individual attention, and their commitment to customized care sets them apart as a reliable and caring partner in your dog’s training and overall well-being.

PetSmart Dog Training

  • Address: 3347 E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107
  • Phone: (626) 351-8434
  • Website:

PetSmart Dog Training is a trusted and widely recognized dog training service provider with a network of professional trainers across the country. In Pasadena, their certified trainers offer group classes and private lessons to help dogs and their owners build strong connections and essential obedience skills. PetSmart’s positive reinforcement techniques ensure that training is fun, rewarding, and beneficial for both dogs and their families. Their classes cover everything from basic manners to specialized training, making them suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds. With their commitment to creating well-mannered and well-adjusted pets, PetSmart Dog Training continues to be a popular choice for pet owners seeking professional and comprehensive training services.

Petco Dog Training

  • Address: 845 S Arroyo Pkwy, Pasadena, CA 91105
  • Phone: (626) 577-2600
  • Website:

Petco Dog Training offers a comprehensive approach to dog training that emphasizes positive reinforcement, patience, and understanding. Their certified trainers work with dogs and their owners to develop strong bonds and teach essential skills for everyday life. Whether you’re looking to build a solid foundation in obedience or address specific behavioral issues, Petco’s training programs can meet your needs. They provide group classes and private lessons that accommodate different learning styles and abilities, making training accessible and enjoyable for all dogs. Petco’s commitment to positive training methods and their mission to enhance the quality of life for pets and their families make them a reliable choice for those seeking effective and compassionate dog training services.

JM Dog Training

  • Address: 1270 Cordova St, Pasadena, CA 91106
  • Phone: (404) 909-0629
  • Website:

JM Dog Training, led by the talented trainer Jenny Magill, is dedicated to helping dogs and their owners build a strong and positive relationship. With a passion for animal behavior and a wealth of experience, Jenny offers personalized training solutions to address various behavioral issues and improve obedience skills. She uses reward-based methods and gentle techniques to create a safe and enjoyable learning environment for dogs. JM Dog Training specializes in both group classes and private sessions, catering to the specific needs of each dog and owner. Jenny’s commitment to understanding and communicating with dogs and her genuine love for what she does set JM Dog Training apart as a top choice for those seeking a caring and knowledgeable trainer to guide them on their training journey.

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