Dog Training In Fairfield

The city of Fairfield has a wide range of dog training schools and facilities. From dog obedience classes to online training, there are classes for everyone.

Dog training provides a wide range of advantages for dogs and humans alike. Signing up for dog training classes is an excellent approach for socializing your dog while learning basic obedience commands.

Below is a list of the best dog training providers located in Fairfield.

Issues Dog Training Solves

Dog training is the right solution for addressing a wide range of dog behavioral issues including:

  • Excessive energy
  • Fearfulness
  • Aggressive tendencies
  • Excessively barking
  • Mouthing
  • Jumping up on visitors
  • Running away

Dog Training Options

Below are the most common dog training classes in Fairfield. Selecting the best option largely depends on the temperament of your dog and what you’re interested in getting out of the course.

Basic Obedience Classes

Obedience classes should be considered by all dog owners. Dogs who take obedience training are better behaved and develop a lifelong connection with their owners. The most common tricks and commands that you’ll learn in obedience school include sit, stay, down, and come. Classes are provided in both online and in-person formats.

Puppy Training Classes

It is great to enroll your dog in dog training while they are still young. Classes will help start with simple obedience commands and manners, and socialize your young dog. Puppy classes will focus on fundamental obedience commands such as stay, sit, and come when called and work on puppy potty training.

In-Home Dog Classes

In-home or at-home dog training is ideal for owners that wish to train their dogs but cannot commit to attending group classes. It also allows trainers to structure the training based on individual needs of your owner and dog.

Agility Training Classes

Agility training is a type of dog sport that focuses on teaching your dog to navigate a course quickly and efficiently. Agility training keeps your dog active and mentally stimulated while building trust with your dog.

Board & Train

This type of dog training involves having your dog live with a trainer for a set period of time, usually two to four weeks. During training, your trainer will work individually with your dog to address any behavioral problems and help them become better behaved dogs. Once your dog has completed classes, it is critical to keep working on skills learned.

Group Training Classes

Group training is a great way to socialize your dog and having them comfortable around other people and dogs. Group training will be held at parks, pet stores, or other public venues.

Clicker Classes

This is a method of dog training where the dog is trained to associate the sound of a clicker with a toy or treat or some type of positive reinforcement. Clicker training is easy to learn and many dog trainers use clicker training.

Tracking Training

Tracking training is a way of training your dog to detect and follow a scent. This skill is frequently used for search and rescue applications, and for tracking game during hunting. Canine organizations such as the AKC provide competitions for dogs, making dog tracking an exciting and fun hobby for dogs and humans alike.