Dog Training In Milwaukee

Milwaukee has many different dog training programs and facilities. You can discover many in-person classes, one-on-one trainers, and even online options to select from.

There are many reasons why dog training is helpful for both you and your dog. Properly trained dogs are easier to control, are less aggressive around other people and animals, and are less anxious compared to untrained dogs.

Below is a collection of the best dog training providers located in Milwaukee.

Reasons To Enroll In Dog Training Classes

Beginning a dog training class can be helpful for solving many different dog behavioral problems including but not limited to:

  • High anxiety
  • Housebreaking
  • Jumping up on people
  • Excessive chewing
  • Pulling on leash
  • Abnormal licking
  • Not coming when called
  • Excessively barking

Dog Training Options

There are a few types of dog training available in Milwaukee. Choosing the best type depends on the age of the dog and the specific needs of your dog.

Puppy Training Classes

It’s great to sign up for training when they are young puppies. Puppy classes will help get your puppy used to other people and puppies, and unfamiliar environments. Puppy classes will cover the most basic obedience training such as sit, stay, and come when called and may address potty training.

Obedience Classes

Dog obedience training should be the foundation of every dog’s training. Dogs who go through obedience training classes are better behaved and build a strong bond with their owners. Some basic tricks and commands that you’ll learn in obedience school include “sit”, “stay”, “come”, and “down”. It’s never too late to start obedience training – all dogs can benefit from taking classes.

In Home Dog Training Classes

At-home or in-home dog training is convenient for dog owners that want to train their dog but cannot commit to going to group classes. It also lets trainers to tailor the training based on individual requirements of your dog and owner.

Agility Training Classes

Agility dog training is a form of dog training that focuses on teaching dogs to navigate an obstacle course efficiently and quickly. Agility training helps keep your dog mentally stimulated and active while connecting with your dog.

Service Dog Classes

Service dog training is a type of dog training that trains dogs to carry out tasks that assist people with disabilities. Many dog breeds make excellent service dogs, but the most common service dog breeds are Labrador retrievers and golden retrievers. Most dog trainers who offer service dog training are specialized and typically only provide therapy dog training classes and service dog classes.

Clicker Training Classes

Clicker training is a form of operant conditioning where your dog is trained to associate the sound of a clicker with a positive reinforcement, such as a toy or treat. It is often used for training dogs to complete a variety of behaviors, including tricks training, obedience, and agility.

Protection Classes

Protection training teaches your dog to guard and protect yourself as well as your family. Protection training can be helpful for owners of dogs who live in regions with high crime or are concerned about their personal security.

Obedience Trial Training Classes

Obedience Trial Training is a sport in which a dog handler leads a dog through a set of exercises that are previously specified. These trials are usually held by kennel clubs or other dog-related groups, and a judge oversees the performance. The demonstrated tasks are dependent on the competition level, but may include sitting, posture, and attention.