Dog Training In Sicklerville

The city of Sicklerville has many different dog training programs and courses. From obedience training to puppy training, there are training programs to meet everyone’s specific needs.

Dog training classes are ideal for addressing a wide range of problems with dogs. Signing up for a dog training program is a fantastic way for socializing your dog and to learn the basics of obedience skills.

The following is a collection of the best dog training services located in Sicklerville.

Common Behavioral Issues

Dog training is ideal for addressing a wide range of behavioral issues such as:

  • Housebreaking
  • Counter surfing
  • Not responding when called
  • Mouthing and nipping
  • Abnormal licking
  • Hyperactivity
  • Barking excessively
  • Destructiveness

Types of Dog Training

There are many types of dog training programs that can be found in Sicklerville. Selecting the right type depends on the age of the dog and the individual needs of your dog.

Puppy Training

It’s ideal to sign up for dog training when they’re puppies. Puppy classes will help teach simple obedience commands and manners, and socialize your young dog. Most puppy will cover basic obedience training such as stay, sit, and come when called and they may address puppy house training.

Obedience Training Classes

Dog obedience training should be the foundation of any dog training program. Obedience training teaches your dog to pay attention to you and do what you say. Some basic tricks and commands that are taught in obedience training include sit, stay, down, and come. Training can be conducted at a training location but many owners choose to do obedience training using videos at home.

Agility Training Classes

Agility dog training is a popular type of dog training which focuses on teaching your dog to quickly navigate a course with efficiency. Agility training keeps your dog mentally active and stimulated while connecting with your dog.

Board and Train

Board and training involves having your dog live with a trainer for a specific period of time, typically 2 to 4 weeks. During training, the dog trainer will work individually with your dog to address specific behavioral problems and help them become well behaved dogs. Board and training are usually very successful and typically have high success rates, however they are often an expensive option.

Service Dog Training Classes

Service dog training is a type of dog training that trains dogs to perform services for helping people with disabilities. Trained service dogs can do many different tasks, such as providing assistance for a person that is deaf, or assisting a person use a wheelchair. The majority of dog trainers who offer service dog training are highly specialized and they typically only offer service dog training and therapy dog training.

Behavioral Training Classes

Behavioral modification training will aim to address specific behavioral traits a dog may have. Behavioral modification can help dogs with aggressive tendencies, anxiety, or social skill problems.

Tracking Training Classes

Tracking training is a method of training dogs to detect and track a scent. This form of training can be helpful for search and rescue operations, and for tracking game during hunting. Organizations like humane societies provide tracking competitions for different dog breeds, making dog tracking a fun and exciting hobby for dogs and humans alike.

Group Training Classes

As the name implies, group training is a type of dog training taking place with other dogs. Group training is typically organized at a public place such as parks or pet stores.

Obedience Trial Classes

Obedience Trials are a dog sport in which dogs must perform specific obedience drills based on your instructions. Obedience trials are usually held by dog organizations such as the AKC, and a judge grades performances. The demonstrated tasks are dependent on the level of competition, but may involve skills like heeling, posture, and retrieving.