Dog Training In Somerville

Whether you want to teach your pup some basic manners, correct some behavioral issues, or train them for a specific purpose, you will find a variety of dog trainers in Somerville, Massachusetts and services to suit your needs. But how do you choose the right dog trainer for your furry friend? Here are some factors to consider:

  • Credentials and experience: Look for a dog trainer who has relevant qualifications, certifications, and references. Ask them how long they have been training dogs and what methods they use.
  • Personality and rapport: Find a dog trainer who is friendly, patient, and respectful of both you and your dog. Observe how they interact with your dog and how your dog responds to them.
  • Goals and expectations: Discuss with the dog trainer what you want to achieve and what they can offer. Make sure you have a clear and realistic plan of action and a way to measure progress.
  • Cost and availability: Compare the prices and packages of different dog trainers and choose one that fits your budget and schedule. Ask about any extra fees or cancellation policies.
  • Reviews and testimonials: Read the reviews and testimonials of other clients who have used the dog trainers you are considering. Look for positive feedback, success stories, and satisfaction ratings.

Best Dog Trainers in Somerville, MA

1. Zen Dog Training

Zen Dog Training is a dog training company that offers in-home and online dog training classes for dogs of all ages. They use a combination of positive reinforcement and mild interruptions to help dogs and their owners interact better. They also have a podcast called How to Have a Zen Dog, where they share their methods and techniques.

Some of the services they offer are:

  • Puppy Boot Camp: A comprehensive online course that covers the essential puppy training lessons, such as house training, crate training, play biting, socialization, food guarding, and control of the mouth.
  • In-Home Training: A personalized training plan that is tailored to the dog’s needs and goals. The trainer will come to the client’s home and work with them and their dog in their real-life environment.
  • Group Classes: A variety of classes that are held online or in person, depending on the level and topic. Some of the classes are Basic Manners, Advanced Manners, Zen Dog Tricks, Zen Dog Agility, and Zen Dog Therapy.
  • Online Solutions: A video solution center with over 100 training videos, and all their training guides, eBooks, comics, and training plans. The client can access the videos anytime and anywhere.

Zen Dog Training is located at:

  • Address: 391 Medford St, Somerville, MA 02145
  • Phone: (617) 702-2054
  • Website:


  • Effective in-home and online dog training classes
  • Balanced methods that are Fear-Free, Force-Free, and Least Intrusive Minimally Aversive (LIMA)
  • Podcast that gives the inside story about the Zen Dog Training approach
  • Variety of services for dogs of all ages and levels

2. A Dog’s Life

A Dog’s Life is a dog training company that offers nature-based dog training for open-minded outdoor enthusiasts. They specialize in training recall and off-leash hiking skills, working with rambunctious teenage dogs, and helping stressed out/reactive dogs handle the challenges of the human world.

Some of the services they offer are:

  • Off-Leash Hiking Adventures: Small group hikes that allow dogs to run, play, sniff, explore, socialize, and decompress in nature. The hikes are available to dogs in Cambridge, Arlington, Boston (Charlestown, Back Bay, South End, Fenway), and Brookline (east of Washington Square).
  • Private Lessons: Packages of private lessons that are held at the client’s home or outdoors. The trainer will work with the client and their dog in their real-life environments to give them real-life solutions.
  • Workshops: One-time workshops that cover specific topics or skills, such as Recall Bootcamp, Leash Skills Workshop, Impulse Control Workshop, and Reactive Rover Workshop.

A Dog’s Life is located at:

  • Address: 353 Beacon St, Somerville, MA 02143
  • Phone: (978) 505-1290
  • Website:


  • Nature-based dog training for outdoor enthusiasts
  • Off-leash hiking adventures for active dogs
  • Private lessons for customized solutions
  • Workshops for focused learning

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