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Finding the best dog trainers in Boston, Massachusetts, can be a difficult and confusing process. You want a trainer who can help your dog become a well-behaved and happy member of your family, while also respecting your dog’s individual needs and preferences. You also want a trainer who can use effective and humane training methods, and who can teach you how to reinforce your dog’s learning at home. You also want a trainer who can establish a good rapport with you and your dog, and who can answer your questions and concerns. In this page, we will feature some of the best dog trainers in Boston, Massachusetts, and help you select the best one for your situation.

Best Dog Trainers in Boston, MA

1. Colonial Dog Training

Colonial Dog Training is a professional dog training service that has been operating in Boston for more than two decades. They offer in-home training for dogs of all breeds and ages, specializing in resolving behavior problems such as aggression, anxiety, crate training, housebreaking, and more. They use a reward-based approach that takes into account the dog’s personality, environment, and owner’s lifestyle. They also provide dog obedience training and puppy training programs that incorporate socialization and distraction training.

  • Address: Boston, MA 02203
  • Phone: (617) 209-7721
  • Website:

The owner and head trainer of Colonial Dog Training is Jackie O’Neil, who has a background in fitness and personal training. She became interested in dog behavior after adopting a German Shepherd mix with behavioral issues. She trained with John Van Olden, the owner of Canine Trade Group and a renowned dog behavior specialist. She also worked with Jill Bowers, the founder of Thank Dog! Training and Thank Dog! Bootcamp. Jackie is assisted by Jenna Micieli, who also has a passion for dogs and experience with shelter work and dog rescue. Jenna has an Australian Shepherd named Remy, who had aggression and reactivity problems that she was able to overcome with Jackie’s help.

Colonial Dog Training is veterinarian-recommended and has a proven track record of success. They are committed to working with their clients until they achieve all of their training goals. They have testimonials from satisfied customers on their website, as well as videos and blog posts that showcase their work and offer tips and advice for dog owners.


  • In-home training for behavior problems
  • Reward-based training approach
  • Experienced and certified trainers
  • Commitment-based training guarantee

2. The Pawsitive Dog

The Pawsitive Dog is a full-service dog training facility that has been developing enjoyable lifelong partnerships since 1998. They offer a variety of personalized dog training programs, including dog day school, overnight boarding and training, doggie field trips, home visits, Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog training, and more. They are not a kennel, a groomer, a dog walker, a pet sitter, or a doggie daycare provider. They focus on providing quality training that is proactive, motivational, balanced, challenging, in-depth, fun, rewarding, and lasting for both humans and their dogs.

Address Phone Website
274 Southampton St, Boston, MA 02118 (617) 541-1000

The founders and trainers of The Pawsitive Dog are Jen and Francis, who have each enjoyed a full-time dog training career for more than half their lives. They are passionate about making a difference for dogs and their owners, regardless of sex, breed, age, or temperament. They have worked with over 10,000 dog-owner teams and have testimonials from happy clients on their website. They also have videos and stories that showcase their work and offer inspiration for dog owners.

The Pawsitive Dog is dedicated to dedicated dog owners who are committed to going above and beyond. They have a unique approach that provides all students the opportunity to learn as much and as fast as their commitment and open mind allow. They are currently booking accelerated overnight training, home visits, and phone consults for January 2023.


  • Full-service dog training facility
  • Variety of personalized dog training programs
  • Experienced and passionate trainers
  • Dedicated to dedicated dog owners

3. Brookside Walk + Train

Brookside Walk + Train is a dog training service that offers a balanced approach to dog training in their Jamaica Plain facility, along with structured walks throughout Jamaica Plain, West Roxbury, Roslindale, Dedham, and Chestnut Hill. They specialize in puppy development, aggressive dog rehabilitation, and behavior modification. They believe dog training should be balanced, fair, consistent, motivating, and fun for both humans and their dogs.

  • Address: 3385 Washington St, Boston, MA 02130
  • Phone: (617) 477-3971
  • Website:

The owner, director of training, and lead trainer of Brookside Walk + Train is Dinyée Boose, who founded the service in Jamaica Plain in 2012. She has over 15 years of experience in dog training and has mentored under renowned trainers in the Boston area. She has also attended numerous national seminars on dog handling and behavior. She has raised and trained several dogs of her own, including a German Shepherd named Koda and a Belgian Malinois named Jax. She is assisted by a team of professional trainers and walkers who receive extensive training and education.

Brookside Walk + Train offers a variety of dog training programs, including structured day care, puppy play and learn, day school, immersion programs, private sessions, group classes, and seminars. They use Gingr for scheduling dog training sessions and TimeToPet for scheduling dog walking trips. They have videos and news articles on their website that demonstrate their work and share their expertise.


  • Balanced approach to dog training
  • Structured walks in various locations
  • Variety of dog training programs
  • Experienced and professional team

4. Tricked Out Pup

Tricked Out Pup is a dog training service that offers in-home dog training and dog walks in the Boston metro area. They are insured and bonded and have been in business since 2012. They cover all aspects of training, from basic commands to behavior problems, and also include simple and clever tricks to keep the process enjoyable. They help pups overcome fear aggression, leash aggression, and shyness, and teach them skills such as Frisbee catching, soccer playing, and nose work.

Address: 83 Pembroke St, Boston, MA 02118
Phone: (857) 957-0991

The owner and trainer of Tricked Out Pup is Mark D’Aleo, who has a background in teaching and a passion for animals. He learned dog grooming and training from his father, who had a variety of pets that could perform amazing tricks. He completed the canine behavior and training certification program at Mount Ida College in Newton, Massachusetts, and is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers. He is also certified in CPR for animals.

Tricked Out Pup has testimonials from happy clients on their website and Facebook page, as well as photos and videos of their work. They have also trained a star client named Copley, who made headlines for being a therapy dog for the Boston Marathon bombing survivors.


  • In-home dog training and dog walks
  • Basic commands, behavior problems, and tricks
  • Passionate and certified trainer
  • Therapy dog training

5. Ruff Translating

Ruff Translating is a dog training service that specializes in service dogs, especially for psychiatric health. They also offer in-home private training lessons for dogs with behavioral issues, such as aggression and anxiety. They use a dog cognition centered approach and tailor their training programs to each dog and owner’s individual needs and environment. They are fluent in dog and help owners understand their dogs’ needs.

Address Phone Website
150 Belgrade Ave, Boston, MA 02131 (617) 206-2052

The founder and director of Ruff Translating is Ejay Eisen, who has 20 years of experience in the field. He has worked at various dog-related businesses and organizations, including training service dogs for military veterans and operating a dog boarding and training facility in New York State. He is a queer disabled service dog handler himself and has a passion for helping others with their service dog needs. He is assisted by Michelle Welsh, who is a trainer and a licensed social worker. She has years of experience working with people and dogs, and focuses on general behavior and service dog training.

Ruff Translating has testimonials from happy clients on their website, as well as photos and videos of their work. They also have a blog that shares their insights and tips on dog training and behavior.


  • Service dog specialists
  • In-home private training lessons
  • Dog cognition centered approach

6. Boston k9

Boston k9 is a dog training service that offers dog basic obedience training, dog off-leash training, dog aggression training, dog behavioral correction, dog leash reactivity training, dog potty training, and service dog training. They use positive reinforcement and customized programs to help owners achieve their goals and strengthen their communication with their dogs. They also offer free evaluations and unlimited text and call support during their programs.

  • Address: 2 Douglass Park suite/apt 2, Boston, MA 02118
  • Phone: (617) 841-7023
  • Website:

The owner and trainer of Boston k9 is Hannah S., who is a certified professional dog trainer-knowledge assessed (CPDT-KA) and an AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluator. She has a passion for helping dogs and owners live in harmony and enjoy life together. She has experience working with dogs of all breeds, ages, and temperaments, and has testimonials from happy clients on her website and Yelp page.

Boston k9 also organizes monthly pack walks, an Instagram page, and a Slack channel to create a positive community for their clients. They have photos and videos of their work on their website and social media platforms.


  • Variety of dog training programs
  • Positive reinforcement and customized programs
  • Certified professional dog trainer
  • Positive community for clients

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