Dog Training In Cedar Rapids

There are many options for dog training in Cedar Rapids. You can find many courses, at-home dog trainers, and even online classes to consider.

Dog training provides a wide range of advantages for both you and your dog. Dogs that have been properly trained are easier to control, are usually safer around other dogs and people, and are usually less anxious.

Below is a list of the best dog training providers in Cedar Rapids.

Reasons To Enroll In Dog Training Classes

Signing up for dog training is ideal for solving a wide range of behavioral habits such as:

  • Abnormal chewing
  • Jumping up on visitors
  • Snatching food
  • Destructiveness
  • Not listening
  • Aggression
  • Running away

Types of Dog Training Classes

Below are some of the most popular dog training programs in Cedar Rapids. Selecting the best option depends on the age of the dog and what you’re interested in getting out of the course.

Puppy Classes

Puppy training classes may be the most beneficial classes you can take for a young puppy’s behavior. They help start with simple commands and manners, and provide socialization for your puppy. Throughout puppy classes, you and your dog will learn the fundamentals of behavioral issues and obedience training in a 4-6 week course.

Basic Obedience Training

It’s a great for dogs of all ages to take obedience training classes for a variety of reasons. Dogs who go through obedience training are better behaved and build a strong bond with their owners. Nearly all providers will teach common commands such as “sit”, “stay”, “come”, and “down”. Training can be completed at a training facility but many choose to do obedience classes online.

Agility Training

Agility training is a popular type of dog sport which teaches dogs to navigate an obstacle course efficiently and quickly. Agility training keeps your dog mentally stimulated and active while connecting with your dog.

Board and Train

Board & training involves the dog living with your dog trainer for around two – four weeks. Throughout training, the dog trainer works one-on-one with your dog to focus on specific behavioral issues and help them become better behaved dogs. Once training is over, it’s critical to continue working on skills learned.

Service Dog Training

Service dog training is a method of dog training that trains dogs to carry out services that help disabled people. Trained service dogs can do many different tasks for people with disabilities, including providing help for blind individuals, or assisting someone who uses a wheelchair. Most dog trainers that offer service dog training are highly specialized and typically only offer therapy dog training and service dog classes.

Group Classes

Group training is a type of dog training taking place in a group. Group training classes are typically organized at a public venue like pet stores or dog parks.

Behavioral Training

A behavioral modification program seeks to fix certain behavioral issues dogs have. Behavioral modification may help dogs with aggression, separation anxiety, or socialization problems.

Tracking Classes

Tracking helps dogs learn how they can follow and track a scent. Dogs have a natural ability to follow smells, making tracking a great way to spend quality time with your dog and provide them with a way to burn energy. Tracking is very popular for many dog breeds including bloodhounds, Labrador retrievers and gernan shepherds