Dog Training In Lakeland

There are several options for dog training in Lakeland. You can discover a plethora of courses, at-home trainers, and even online courses to consider.

A dog training program has a wide range of advantages for you and your dog. Beginning dog training is an excellent approach to socialize your dog while learning the basics of obedience commands.

If you are looking for dog training in Lakeland, take a look at the dog trainers below:

Problems Dog Training Fixes

Dog training is recommended for solving many different dog behavioral habits such as:

  • Nipping and mouthing
  • Aggressive tendencies
  • Not responding when called
  • Snatching food
  • Needless barking
  • Abnormal chewing

Types of Dog Training Classes

The following are some of the most common dog training classes in Lakeland. Selecting the best option depends on the temperament of the dog and what you’re interested in getting out of the program.

Obedience Classes

It is a good idea for all dogs to enroll in obedience training for many different reasons. Obedience training teaches your dog to pay attention to you and do what you say. Just about all courses will teach basic commands and tricks such as “sit”, “stay”, “come”, and “down”. Dogs of all ages can benefit from obedience classes should continue throughout the dog’s lifetime to keep up with good behavior.

Puppy Training

Puppy classes are one of the most helpful classes you can take for your new dog. Classes can provide a foundation for future obedience training coureses and socialize your puppy in a positive setting during a critical time of their development. Most puppy will focus on fundamental obedience training such as sit, stay, and come when called and may address potty training.

Agility Training Classes

Agility training is a type of dog training that focuses on teaching dogs to navigate an obstacle course efficiently and quickly. Agility training is an excellent way for keeping your dog mentally active and stimulated while building a strong bond with your dog.

Service Dog Training Classes

Service dog training is a type of dog training where dogs learn to perform tasks that assist people with disabilities. Many breeds of dogs can be trained to be service dogs, but the most common service dog breeds are golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers. Most dog trainers who offer service dog training are specialized and they typically only offer service dog training and therapy dog training classes.

In-Home Dog Classes

In-home or at-home dog training is ideal for dog owners who want to start dog training but are not able to attend at a different location. It also allows trainers to structure the courses based on specific requirements of the owner and dog.

Group Training Classes

Group training is great for socializing your dog and having them comfortable around other dogs. Group training classes will be located at dog parks, pet stores, and other public locations.

Obedience Trial Training

Obedience Trial is a sport where a dog owner guides a dog through a series of specified exercises. Obedience trials are designed to assess the owner’s ability to control the dog, as well as your dog’s attentiveness and obedience. There are three levels – Novice, Open, and Utility. Novice trials are the easiest, and are designed to ease in the handler and dog to the sport. Open trials are more complex than novice trials and require the dog to demonstrate more difficult skills. Utility trials are the most challenging, and test the dog’s ability to execute a wider range of activities.

Protection Classes

Protection training is a form of dog training that teaches on protecting you and your family. Classes may be helpful for dog owners that live in high-crime regions or are worried about their security.

Tracking Training

Tracking training is a method of teaching dogs to detect and follow a scent. This is often used for search and rescue applications, and by hunting dogs. Canine organizations like the AKC provide tracking competitions for different dog breeds, making tracking an exciting and fun activity for dogs and humans.