Dog Training In Conway

There are many options for dog training in Conway. It’s easy to discover a wide range of classes, at-home trainers, and even online classes to consider.

Dog training is ideal with addressing many different problems that your dog may have. Signing up for dog training classes is a great way to socialize your dog and to learn fundamental obedience skills.

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Reasons To Take Dog Training Classes

Dogs may develop many different types of undesired behaviors, and dog training may help to correct these problems. Below are some common problems:

  • Counter-surfing
  • Housebreaking
  • Not responding when called
  • Running away
  • Hyperactivity
  • High anxiety
  • Mouthing and nipping
  • Pulling on leash

Dog Training Options

There are a number of types of dog training options available in Conway. Picking the best option largely depends on the temperament of the dog and what you’re interested in getting out of the course.

Puppy Classes

Puppy training classes could be the most helpful things you can do for your young puppy’s well-being. Classes will help get your dog comfortable with other puppies and people, and non-familiar settings. Most puppy will focus on the most basic obedience commands such as stay, sit, and come when called and work on potty training.

Obedience Classes

The most common type of dog training is obedience training. Dogs who take obedience training are more likely to be well-behaved and build a lifelong bond with their owners. Just about all courses teach basic tricks and commands such as sit, stay, come, and down. Classes are offered in both online and in-person settings.

Service Dog Classes

Service dog training is a type of dog training where dogs learn to perform services for helping individuals with disabilities. Many breeds of dogs can be trained to be service dogs, but the most common service dog breeds include Labrador retrievers and golden retrievers. Most trainers who provide service dog training are highly specialized and usually only provide service dog training and therapy dog training classes.

Agility Classes

Agility training is a form of dog sport which teaches dogs to navigate an obstacle course efficiently and quickly. Agility training helps keep your dog mentally active and stimulated while building a strong connection with your dog.

In Home Dog Training

At-home or in-home dog training is convenient for owners who want to complete dog training but cannot commit to attending a group class. In-home classes also enables the dog trainer to tailor the training to the individual needs of your dog and owner.

Group Classes

Group training classes are a great way to train with your dog in a welcoming setting around other dogs and people. Classes are usually organized at a public place such as dog parks or pet stores.

Tracking Classes

Tracking teaches dogs how to track and follow a scent. This form of training is helpful for search and rescue operations, as well as for tracking game. Groups like humane societies organize tracking competitions for different dog breeds, making dog tracking an exciting and fun activity for dogs and humans alike.

Obedience Trial Classes

Obedience Trial Training is a fun sport where a dog handler guides a dog through a set of specific commands. These trials are usually organized by kennel clubs or other dog-related organizations, and a judge grades performances. The demonstrated skills will vary depending on the level of competition, but likely include sitting, posture, and retrieving.

Clicker Classes

This is a type of dog training where your dog learns to associate a clicking sound with a positive reinforcement, such as a toy or treat. It is simple to use and many dog trainers recommend clicker training.

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